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Kingston Memory and Storage Supporting the Needs of a Leading Hosting Provider

Responding to Increasing Global Demand for Hosting Providers

The world is changing faster than ever. The pandemic ramped up data center usage, as businesses suddenly faced a greater need for cloud technology to connect and support remote workers. This increase in cloud migration has accelerated the growth and expansion of hosting providers globally. The reliance on technology platforms over the last 24 months is at an all-time high, creating demand for more data center space across the world. This requires resilience and agility from data platforms and for hosting providers to support this growth. Having a reliable technology partner is a key part of this.


Our business development team were approached by a leading hosting provider in the heart of Europe with two data centers hosting more than 200,000 customers. The provider is committed to adapting their data centers to the most ecological standards. One such standard is only buying servers with low-voltage technologies that consume less energy (power consumption and heat dissipation).

To help them achieve these service levels and ecological commitments, they needed a technology partner that could offer them compatible modules to upgrade new and existing servers, as well as good availability and fast delivery.

They also identified that different customers have different requirements, necessitating different OEM server brands for specific tasks within their data centers. They needed a server review to plan the optimal upgrade as their current OEM platform featured Gen 1 processors and some newer CPU versions.


Kingston DDR5 server memory on a server rack

Our Ask an Expert team worked with their data center infrastructure architect to help with a server review and evaluated the current platform. They were on standby for future changes, which is part of Kingston’s free Ask an Expert pre configuration service. Our technical teams worked with the hosting provider on their specific server models and upgrade needs to make a recommendation.

We offered our branded DRAM modules and provided proof-of-concept modules to evaluate in their test environment. The testing was successful, and the hosting provider was happy with our product performance, and that it met their budget requirements for this specific project. Over the next twelve months, there were some industry supply issues. However, thanks to our relationship with the hosting supplier, we were able to work together to come up with an alternative solution. As a result, we offered them our KSM Server Premier module to test across their different OEM servers. After successful qualification/testing, it offered them more flexibility to upgrade their different servers with minimal SKUs and good availability and price. This ensured they could keep service continuity to their customers. As server memory has become “more complex”, for example when the market switched from 8GBit to 16GBit chips, we helped the hosting provider navigate this technology transition with further support from our Ask an Expert team and by working very closely with them.

Kingston has since become their preferred server DRAM partner. Also, when we launched our enterprise SSDs, we provided them with proof of concept. After successful testing, we now supply them with a full storage and memory solution.

During the challenging times of Covid and lockdowns, Kingston took the decision to ensure that their key data centers were prioritized with a stable supply of products, and continue to support them by providing future-proof solutions. The combination of pricing and flexibility together with our technical service continues to make a big difference compared to competitive vendors. Together we have established a prosperous business relationship and are a trusted advisor.

As a result, this hosting provider ensures business continuity and guarantees best-in-class service to their 200,000 plus customers.


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