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Revolutionizing Data Center Efficiency with VMWare vSAN and DC600M

In the dynamic landscape of data center technology, efficiency and performance are paramount. We previously announced that Kingston’s DC600M Solid State Drives (SSDs) are VMware ESXi and vSAN compatible. Here, we present an in-depth analysis of these enterprise-grade SSDs in VMware vSAN environments. Through rigorous testing, we compare their performance in traditional vSAN hybrid and all flash vSAN datastores, with the aim of highlighting the performance and power efficiency of all flash datastores built with DC600M. Additionally, we examine the power consumption of vSAN hybrid and all flash vSAN nodes, defining power efficiency as the number of orders per average watt of power consumed.

In this whitepaper, we present our findings, highlighting how DC600M SSDs can significantly enhance your organization’s performance and power efficiency. Some of these findings are:

Enhancing efficiency and reliability: The DC600M advantage
DC600M SSDs are designed to enhance operational efficiency with a balanced approach to speed, resilience, and power efficiency. These drives are built to support smooth operations in data-intensive, virtualized environments, offering a reliable foundation for consistent performance.

Future-proof your data management
For organizations that priorities robust and efficient data handling, DC600M SSDs offer a compelling solution. They provide a harmonious mix of durability and performance efficiency, making them a key strategic choice for those looking to future-proof their data infrastructure. This balance ensures your systems are equipped not just for today's demands but for the evolving needs of the future.

Strategic decisions for operational excellence
Choosing the right components for your data storage infrastructure is a pivotal strategic decision. Opting for DC600M SSDs aligns your organization with a future where data is not just managed but leveraged as a driving force for growth and innovation. It's a decision that resonates with a commitment to operational excellence and a forward-looking perspective.

We also demonstrate how incorporating DC600M SSDs into your all-flash vSAN setup could significantly improve system efficiency, reliability, and scalability, aligning with your strategic goals for a robust data management infrastructure.

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