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Memory and Storage Unleashed: Fueling Creativity in Entertainment

Why is using the right memory and storage key for media & entertainment?

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Over the last decade, the hardware landscape has undergone a significant shift, with storage and memory growing in speed and capacity. Equally, for the media and entertainment (M&E) industry, the past 10 years have seen growing expectations, as shifts in how content is both produced and consumed are causing production organizations to do more with less.

Against this backdrop of producing content both efficiently and at higher resolutions, the right memory and storage choices have never been more important.

So, what can you do?

In this eBook, we explain all as we speak with key industry experts, offering insights on:

  • Making the right hardware choices
  • How you can reduce bottlenecks
  • Balancing speed vs. cost

Plus, we share some real-world examples, and what you should consider to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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Contributors’ Bios

A photo of Daniel Sharp

Daniel Sharp – Dash Pictures

Daniel is a three-time Emmy-nominated director and producer based in London and Los Angeles. He has worked as an executive, series producer, and director for SVOD, national, and cable networks on scripted and unscripted episodic U.S. and international shows.

A photo of Jake Bentley

Jake Bentley – Mission Digital

Jake started his video production career as junior editor and camera operator. In a position that combines his love of technology and film, Jake handles all kinds of day-to-day and preventive maintenance, managing networks, storage, labs, and providing support to technicians in the field when it comes to tech.

A photo of Mark Noland

Mark Noland – Kingston Technology

Mark has an extensive background in VFX for film and television as well as experience with architectural, design, and engineering visualization. He has been working as a storage solutions technologist for over a decade and is an active member of the Visual Effects Society.

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