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Case study: How Simply Hosting benefited from collaborative service and support

The Challenge

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Simply Hosting supports over 11,000 servers with 7PB worth of data storage. This made finding the right SSD technology critical. In most server platforms, HDDs can be directly replaced by their data center SSD counterparts after accounting for the same form factor, protocol and interface. It is a complex technology that is fast evolving, so selecting the right storage for your workload and customer demands can be tricky.

It's well documented that SSDs offer significant performance benefits over HDDs, so it’s common for technology adopters to fall into the trap of looking at the spec sheets and price to decide. Those adopters typically compare speeds, warranties and MTBF rates before selecting options that are more suited for client devices, where the demands on the drive are much less.

The problem with this approach is down to the way NAND flash works as it degrades over time. Using the wrong technology for your workload may result in loss of data and complete device failure. When Simply Hosting experienced these issues first-hand during a testing phase, it knew exactly where to turn.

The Solution

Kingston, alongside its specialist distribution partner, quickly pinpointed NAND endurance as the most logical reason for failure. Given the potential consequences of data loss or drive failure in the infrastructure, it wasted no time in providing additional technical support in the form of direct access to the chosen manufacturer, Kingston Technology. The technical teams at Kingston analysed the workloads, performed health checks on the drives and diagnosed the faults before recommending the DC450R enterprise SSD as an appropriate solution. Happy to proceed with the recommendations, samples for testing arrived next day and the 'Ask an Expert' team at Kingston guided Simply Hosting through optimum configuration, helping them evaluate and understand performance metrics in a real-world environment.

Discover why Simply Hosting chose Kingston to support its customers with a reliable high-performance storage solution.

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