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Encrypted storage for creatives

As a creative you are producing a variety of content for the public to enjoy, content which likely has expansive storage requirements. Whether you’re working on your own or collaborating with important clients from around the world, encrypted storage can secure your important files and help you fulfil your security responsibilities.

When deciding on storage, many creators have the choice between paying a monthly subscription for cloud storage or a onetime purchase for an external device. Cloud storage is always a good option to have; you can send a link to users of your choosing to access remotely, manage their permissions, so you are able to collaborate and share ideas. But this does come with potential security issues.

Cloud vs. external storage

It would be wrong to say that cloud storage is completely secure. It does lift some responsibility off the users’ shoulders, but on the other hand you would have to put trust in a 3rd party. Many cloud providers offer a very basic security package on the user end, weak password quality requirements and no 2-factor authentication. This makes it much easier for your files to be lost or stolen through data hacking or social engineering attacks, whereby the user is tricked into to sharing access to confidential information. Is the convenience of cloud storage worth the risk?

While a viable alternative, external storage does also have certain risk factors, such as the device being stolen or viruses moving from a computer to the connected device. Even with this in mind, it’s much safer and cost-effective over time to go with this option. To minimise security concerns, creators should consider encrypted external storage. Most encrypted storage solutions are password protected. If the device is stolen, nobody will be able to access the files unless they know your password. This, along with the hardware level of encryption, will assist in making your data as secure as possible.

IronKey encrypted storage for content creators

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Encryption is an incredibly helpful option if you’re a creative. Having files such as invoices or your intellectual property under wraps should be a priority. When working with partners on disclosed collaborations, you may have to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) which would restrict all parties from sharing the content until it’s made public. Reliable, hardware-based encryption on the project files will put your mind at ease knowing there is minimal chance of being in breach of contract. What’s more, when you purchase an encrypted storage device, you’re making a single payment rather than committing to an ongoing fee as with cloud storage services. Depending on the length of the project, this can be an opportunity for value. Encrypted storage typically has a good lifespan, so you are likely to be able to use and reuse your encrypted device for years to come.

Kingston provides a range of encrypted USBs which can store projects of up to 256GB. For larger projects like video editing for example, an encrypted external SSD could be the product for you. The IronKey Vault Privacy 80 External SSD is a recent Kingston innovation, an encrypted external SSD with FIPS 197 certified XTSAES 256-bit encryption. This external SSD boasts speeds of up to 250MB/s read & write, and capacities from 480GB - 1920GB*. Whether it’s important information, client documents or high-res images and videos, the Kingston IronKey Vault Privacy 80 is ideal for content creators.

The IronKey VP80ES comes bundled with two USB 3.2 Gen 1 adapter cables, to allow for easy connection to computers and other devices with Type-C connection. It’s perfect when you need secured data and content out in the field or on-the-go to enable portable productivity and convenience all in the palm of your hand. With intuitive colour touch-screen and multi-password (Admin and User) option with numeric PIN or passphrase modes, IronKey Vault Privacy 80ES is superior to using the internet and Cloud services to safeguard data.

There are plenty of external storage options to choose from, and depending on your work environment, encrypted storage could be a good option to think about. Whether this is a USB or an SSD for your content, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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