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Why is Kingston IronKey trusted by national cybersecurity organisations?

Ensuring the protection of national cybersecurity agencies

For national security, the importance of keeping their countries’ interests protected from cyberthreats has become a huge undertaking. Given the growing volume and differing nature of attacks, failure to do so can result in dire consequences, whether commercial, regulatory or losing the confidence of a nation in its ability to protect.

With growing investment in cybersecurity – it’s evident that nations are taking the expanding threats very seriously! But this attention must not be solely focussed outside of those who are trusted to keep its people and organisations safe.

So, when it comes to how government cybersecurity departments protect themselves from data-loss and breaches – the need to securely store and transfer data is paramount.


A major EMEA national security department needed to ensure safe keeping and transfer of cybersecurity intelligence data – removing it from environments where the risk of potential compromise was considered too high.

They required a partner who has experience in this highly sensitive area of data protection and storage – with solutions which could be centrally managed and scaled accordingly.

But this shouldn’t come at the expense of practicality and has to complement their wider security strategy – meaning that there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach and levels of protection should be tiered accordingly – based on cost, scale and perceived risk.

Tricky? Perhaps. But here’s how Kingston IronKey did it…


Kingston IronKey encrypted USB drives on a desk

With the above considered, they came to Kingston's Ask an Expert team, who after an extensive and thorough evaluation process, were able to recommend comprehensive solutions based on their current and future needs. One solution was offered to a small number of users who needed uncompromising levels of security and speed, and the other empowered the larger number of users within the organisation with secure portable storage. In short, all eventualities had to be covered.

For those who needed a cost-efficient yet secure USB drive – for broad deployment amongst their employees – Kingston IronKey D300S/SM encrypted USB was selected for its FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and NATO certification. All of which is underpinned by its rugged, tamper-resistant zinc casing and tamper-evident epoxy seal.

For individuals with the highest access credentials – Kingston IronKey S1000 encrypted USB was the perfect choice – given its class leading security and speed. When it came to selecting the S1000, this high-profile cybersecurity agency were safe in the knowledge that it’s the “go-to” drive for military operations. With its 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption in XTS mode, its FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation with on-device Cryptochip Encryption Key management, all contained within a robust anodised aluminium casing means that data is secured whatever the environment. With USB 3.0* performance – it is fast, rugged and secure storage and is available to those who need it most!

In both cases, the ability for the drives to be centrally managed for their most critical data was of high importance. They have full control including auditing of all files being transferred, by whom, with the ability to lock it down if any threats are ever detected. This kind of central control vastly exceeds the security offered by the majority of cloud services providers today.

Beyond this, Kingston – was on hand, working alongside our valued distribution and reseller partners to guide the customer in setting up and configuring the devices, ensuring they could protect data from day 1 to further illustrate the #KingstonIsWithYou ethos!

And as a result – this national cybersecurity organisation can be assured that they “practice what they preach” when it comes to data security – and its citizens can look to them to be the gold standard in data protection, helping to prevent cyber threats.

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